Inspirational Writing

The Hermit and the Villagers

The villagers awaited the arrival of the forest hermit. Some thought him to be a saint. He visited them each month on the morning of the new moon. When he strode down the main street to make his way to the town square all residents stopped their activities, followed him and quietly gathered as he took his seat.

They waited politely as he settled into meditation, knowing he would soon speak words of wisdom. After several minutes he opened his eyes and arose slowly gazing about him, then loudly proclaimed, “Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water for survival, though often challenging and uncomfortable.” Smiling, he continued, “Though the necessity and difficulty of these and other tasks remain, they are now performed in joyous reverence, as miraculous events!”

With that he softly chuckled, bowed to all and departed. The villagers collectively bowed, shrugged their shoulders and returned to their involvements.

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