Inspirational Writing


The great sage was very near the conclusion of her sojourn, having served tirelessly for decades. She began preparing her students to assume various responsibilities in the community so her service work would continue well into the future, and her inspired teachings would be available to those attracted.

At her last gathering with devotees, a forthright student asked, “Reverend Mother, do you fear death?”

The sage calmly smiled saying, “No my friend, there is no fear.”

The devotee persisted, “Is it because you have mastered detachment that you are at peace?”

“Dear Sister, I view the life and death of this body as a necessary event, being grateful for its vital service all these years. My peace continues because I know: That which is Authentic remains.”

The devotee’s pondered these words until the sage again spoke. Radiant with joy, she thanked them for their trust in her guidance and for working on her behalf so selflessly. She then offered, “Remember that in this life if you cling you are bound, and if you are cling-free you are boundless!” They laughed, then she concluded, whispering, “Everything on loan, each breath a gift.”






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