Inspirational Writing

Our Spirituality

Each unfolding moment can be embraced and lived attentively as spiritual practice,          wherever and however we may be relating. Each unfolding moment offers opportunities to serve, learn, awaken!

— — —

Though our personal history can be useful (pertaining to self-evolution and our ability to navigate well in life), it need not define our limit us.

— — —

Sincere, intentional spiritual practice (body health, service work, introspection, cultivation of ideal qualities) fosters the unveiling of our innate spiritual qualities, and ultimately, liberation of consciousness. Unbridled consciousness is enlightenment.

— — —

Informational knowledge is gathered from external sources,                                             which one sage described as heaping new dust upon old dust.                                      Wisdom arises freshly from the depths of silent stillness, the                                                   heart of being, imparting illumined insight; direct knowledge.

— — —

Our past thoughts and actions are represented in our presently unfolding life experience. The decisions and actions we currently choose influence and attract our future life experience.

In addition to our constructive, wisely formulated intentions and actions for future benefit, we can endeavor to improve our clarity of awareness by elevating our perspective and functional intelligence. This can be fostered through contemplative self-evaluation, sensitively attuned examination of life’s processes, profound study of spiritually enlightened sharing, and alert meditation in stillness.

— — —

Our epic journey through the labyrinth of personal encumberment toward liberation, culminates in spiritual recovery. After the long, long search, we rediscover our inherent freedom in Being.

— — —

Prayer for Humanity: May we walk in balance amidst cycles and seasons in our chosen way, embracing peaks and valleys, compassionately adorned, evoking uplift and harmony while progressing in gentle humility with our infinite creative Source.

_______                                                                                                                                           _______





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