Meditation Methods and Spiritual Practices

Centering Method

Lia meditating - mt tam

This approach is effective and easy to apply. Begin by sitting comfortably in a posture conducive to alertness, in which you can remain still yet relaxed. Settle in for a moment before beginning the procedure.
(The main objective of this and other meditation methods is to help free awareness by offering a alternative focus to ordinary thought processing, emotional stirring, sensory input, and the task of upholding and presenting our personality-self to the world. Such attention focusing methods assist a reintroduction to our fundamental wholeness and brightness; our larger changeless Self.)
Center sensation awareness within your upper abdomen, just below the rib cage. Keep your abdomen relaxed so you can easily feel a rising sensation within the upper abdomen as your breath flows in, and a sinking sensation therein as your breath flows out. Allow your breath to flow in, out, and pause naturally, as it may (without effort or regulation), while continuing to devote your focus to the rising and falling sensation within your upper abdomen.
Continue for a few minutes or longer as inclined. A short period of practice can have a wonderfully calming, restorative effect. If practiced more thoroughly, devoting more time and sustained intention, a fuller meditation experience is likely.