Meditation Methods and Spiritual Practices

Chakra Meditation

chakra illustration - color

In this method, bija (seed) mantras (sounds) are employed to stimulate the chakras, thereby improving the circulation of life-force (prana; qi) within these energy distribution vortexes. When the chakras function optimally, our physical health and capacity of consciousness tend to function more optimally. Also, in addition to helping “tune up” the chakras, this mantra-focusing method is a very effective lead-in procedure for meditation practice.

Procedure: To begin, focus your attention by localizing feeling awareness at the root chakra at the base of your spine. Centered here, tone the prescribed mantra (“lahm”) aloud at a low pitch. Place the vibration of this low note within the chakra and tone the mantra slowly and rhythmically (lahm, lahm, lahm …). Then, as you replenish your breath, continue to mentally intone the sound, until again toning aloud with exhalation. Repeat for 3-5 breath cycles, then move upward to refocus within the next chakra at the sacrum. Tone the prescribed mantra (“Vahm”) as you did at the root chakra, using a slightly higher pitch. Continue in this way, progressing upward through the chakras using the prescribed mantras, raising the toning pitch slightly as you successively ascend. Finally, completing the method at your crown chakra, rest for a few minutes in stillness, or flow into meditation for an extended period inwardly poised at the brow or crown chakra, open to discovery.

Chakra Mantras & Locations

Muladhara, coccyx (earth element) – Lahm;    Swadhisthana, sacrum (water element) – Vahm;    Manipura, lumbar-opposite navel (fire element) – Rahm;    Anahata, thoracic-between shoulder blades (air element) – Yahm;    Vishuddha, cervical-base of neck (ether element) – Hoom;    Ajna, forehead-between eyebrows – Om;    Sahasrara, crown-mid-point – Om (higher pitch)