Meditation Methods and Spiritual Practices

Meditation/Stress Reduction Technique

Meditation techniques prepare us for introspection and help create a momentum that lifts awareness above self-definitions (egoic parameters). An effective technique need not be complicated to enable transcendence of our usual, customary orientation in favor of unencumbered soul-awareness.

Method: Comfortably settle in your posture so you can maintain relaxed body stillness during practice. Your posture should be supportive of alert attentiveness. Once settled in stillness, the body is less likely to be a distraction during your inward turning process.

Breathe in steadily, gently and comfortably deeply, feeling as if you are drawing breath directly through the center of your chest. Then exhale effortlessly, feeling your breath flow gently out through the chest (heart chakra). Perform a few rounds, keeping steadily focused within your chest, welcoming the releasing each breath with full attention and feeling awareness.

Next, discontinue patterning your breath cycles allowing breathing to flow naturally. Remain alertly centered within your chest, observing and feeling natural breath cycles as they arise. Refresh your focus as needed during the process by breathing deeply in and exhaling it through your open mouth with pronounced sigh. Then, reestablish your internal focus, and continue on, as you are inclined.

Remaining intentional and inwardly absorbed in your focus, will eventually give way to spontaneous transcendence toward a broader perspective of self and life. However, if only practiced for a few minutes, this method can be a wonderfully restorative stress reliever. Some use it privately at the workplace during break time, or upon arriving home to renew their outlook after the workday. If you practice regularly you will be able to direct your attention to the heart chakra at anytime, without formally sitting for meditation or stress reduction, to similarly shift perspective and lift awareness.

OM Shanti  . . .