Inspirational Writing

Special Lesson

This form we animate
this persona we create
this part we play
just a stop along the Way
Years ago while on retreat at my guru’s center, he and I met for lunch the afternoon prior to my scheduled departure early the next day. Before concluding our time together, he said, “I’ll see you in the morning.” I thought to myself this wouldn’t be possible, because a friend was to drive me down to Atlanta for a very early flight, but I didn’t mention this as we embraced and left the dining hall.
The following morning at 0-dark-30, my friend and I drove past our guru’s private office and I noticed his lights were on. I remarked that he had mentioned he would see me in the morning, so my friend offered to stop, but I said no, I don’t want to bother him, and we continued on. Just then, I recalled a vivid dream experience that must have happened shortly after midnight. (I’d been up late cleaning my room and packing, so had gotten to bed shortly before then.)
In the dream, my guru and I approached each other and reverently bowed. Then rising, I looked into his eyes and his body suddenly began to dematerialize until it vanished. What remained was vast space composed of countless shimmering stars. I stood quietly for awhile until just as suddenly recomposed, standing again before me! Recognizing my puzzlement, he said, “Oh this, Steve (indicating his body by placing his hand on his chest)? For convenience!” The dream then faded. So, it turned out he’d kept his promise of seeing me in the morning, while imparting a very special lesson.
Jai Guru!