Meditation Methods and Spiritual Practices

Heart Chakra Vitalization/Meditation

AH - Sufi Heart with Wings
AH-Chanting/Toning is a Sufi meditation method that can facilitate energetic renewal and uplift.By placing the sound “AH” at the heart chakra (within the mid-sternum; mid-shoulder blade space), vital energy is stimulated through concentrated vibration to circulate more freely and dynamically. This simple, enjoyable method contributes to emotional cleansing/clearing and helps inspire vital awakening of one’s “compassionate heart.”
1) Relax in a comfortable seated posture. Close your eyes for easier concentration. Begin by localizing your attention and feeling awareness within the heart chakra. 2) Inhale slowly and comfortably deeply, as if you are drawing breath and energy directly into the heart chakra. Then exhale slowly, producing the expansive sound “Ahhhhhhhh,” at a low to medium pitch, evenly sustaining the sound for a comfortable duration. If you visualize easily, see golden light radiating from your heart chakra. 3) While replenishing your breath, continue hearing and feeling “Ahhhhhhhh.” Then again, exhale sounding “Ahhhhhhhh,” steadily without strain. Enjoy several consecutive rounds while maintaining your internally localized focus. 5-10 rounds is sufficient as a lead-in method for meditation practice. However, sustained application for several minutes can facilitate a progressive opening of the heart chakra, and can be a profound meditation in itself.
Maintenance Method: Periodically throughout the day, center your attention within the heart chakra, and endeavor to greet life from here. Also, when you have a moment of quiet time, breathe rhythmically and gently a few times, as if directly in and out through this vital center as a cleansing, tension dissolving action. This will help keep your heart chakra free of energetic congestion, dispersing inhibition and fear while instilling a sense of calm empowerment. With continued application of the AH chanting method and heart chakra breathing during random times, you will more easily and progressively enjoy and express your inherent spiritual capacity to be unconditionally loving.