Inspirational Writing


Student: I have difficulty feeling secure in this unstable world. How can I feel more anchored and at peace while having to adjust to people and things – including my own body – as they undergo continual and often unexpected change?
Teacher: All life forms are the temporary abode of the spiritual Essence animating them. This abiding Essence pervades everything everywhere. Being well acquainted with this undergirding Essence enables us to adjust to life’s richly diverse, ever-changing pageantry graciously and appreciatively. When this Essence is not yet known and understood, we tend to suffer due to the impermanent, unstable nature of this material world, where names and forms undergo continual transformation and eventually cease to exist. I suggest you make the acquaintance of the spiritual Essence of life by meditating sincerely and deeply in surrendered trust to this life-giving Essence which is your imperishable reality .