Contemplative Writing


woman carrying vase
Master Hu told his students about women carrying full urns of water on their head tops, traveling a considerable distance from the river back to their village. Along the way they discussed many things while adjusting their steps on the uneven rock strewn path, simultaneously enjoying the scenery and wildlife that greeted them. By the time they arrived at their village, not a drop of water had been spilled from the urns, because while navigating, visiting, and taking in the sights, each had maintained continual awareness of their urn and the precious life-giving water therein.
Master Hu then admonished: “Learn to keep constant company with your ground of being (spiritual essence; true Self), which is changeless, timeless and imperishable like the sky, so that regardless of how you are engaged within the changing scenes of this collective mortal dream, you will always be well integrated, moving freely and happily, while enacting your sanctioned role.”