Contemplative Writing


Geese in formation

Dispassion doesn’t indicate disinterest or uncaring. Dispassion might be thought of as passion from a distance – calmly removed from emotional investment. The sage relates in life compassionately and passionately with keen interest, yet is free of personal preference and self-interest. Inwardly settled and attentively poised in a selfless overview perspective, knowing the permanent wholeness of conditionless contentment, she may fully engage outwardly, performing duties and nurturing relationships, without expectation.
As spiritual practice, she advises that we become acquainted with and learn to live from our changeless core Being, our naturally dispassionate Center, which is the constant, peaceful Observer of fleeting appearances, actions and states of mind. We are to make this perspective our primary orientation, while able to engage fully and contribute skillfully as events emerge and unfold. Accomplishing this, we will know “Stability amidst change,” and this stability represents ultimate freedom.
When consciously established in our permanent core Essence, our changeless Center, we can render useful service, accomplish worthwhile goals, and enjoy our uniquely sanctioned role amidst life’s relative, fluctuating cycles, as an agent of harmony. The sage describes this attainable, spiritually enlightened disposition as “Sky awareness greeting passing clouds.”