Inspirational Writing


“Detachment does not mean disinterest in life; it means relating with understanding.” – Roy Eugene Davis
The Seer (our essential Being), does not age yet observes the process of aging; does not think yet monitors thoughts emerging in the mind; is ever present and wholly content above causality. Therefore, the spiritually enlightened person moves in life naturally free of the impulse to acquire.
Contemplative Writing

Good Company

Chinese image
Hu felt blessed to share the company of trees and birds – a cherished source of inspiration which provided him continual learning. After skillfully trimming several juniper bonsai’s and reverently practicing qigong among them, he departed the garden long before the gates open to the public, and headed up along the hillside path to master Tang’s tea house, which they had constructed from old growth bamboo decades ago.
The two men greeted each other warmly then took their seats. They shared an enriching visit while sipping Dragon Well tea, then fell silent, enjoying timeless non-separation.