Inspirational Writing

Our Path

Spiritually awake individuals remind us that: Our essential Self remains conditionlessly whole-content, while our transitory personality self tends to seek fulfillment outwardly, until sooner or later reorienting primarily/dominantly as the essential Self.

When we live with intentionality and enjoyment of the Present, everything becomes useful spiritual practice, assisting our individualized evolutionary process; our unique spiritual recovery journey.

Inspirational Writing

One as Two (yin-yang)

Motion and sound are relative, and extend from stillness and silence which are Absolute.

The Source-Origin of this universe (which includes our specialized appearance and individualized contribution), is singular, whole and eternally unchanging, which is also our innermost Essence; our authentic Self.

The notion of ‘separation’ in any form is a misperception. With the dawning of clarified awareness or spiritual enlightenment, we recognize that the Absolute is appearing as all things, or as one contemporary spiritual teacher phrased it: “Everyone and everything is God in drag.”