Inspirational Writing


Those possessed by an insistent, forceful demeanor attempt to bend others and circumstances to their will; their preferred, conceived agenda. As their compassionate heart and spiritual knowing begin to emerge, they realize that the superior way to relate with others and contribute to circumstances is to bend in conformity to the prompting of a higher direction, through sensitive attunement, then selfless response to unfolding processes – adjusting as necessary, graciously, in trust amidst transitioning circumstances and arising needs, moving in harmony as an evolutionary agent .
Contemplative Writing

Meditation Practice

buddha - Gleneden Beach OR

Many meditate for relaxation and de-stressing, while other practice more intentionally with an emphasis on spiritual knowing/awakening. Regardless of one’s purpose and approach, the practice of meditation is generally life-enriching. Most methods help shift the meditator’s awareness from being thought-sensation oriented, to being the witness, resting alertly, observing presently, dispassionately. In yogic (transcendental) meditation practice, one’s ideal intention and action is complete self-surrender into infinite Consciousness; pure Being .