Contemplative Writing

Reflecting Moon

Timeless mirror above currents of change.

Through how many life-cycles have we gazed upon this magnetic orb transfixed, yearning for restoration in Wholeness?

Through how many pairs of eyes and identities have we stood beneath the full moon, intuitively sensing Benevolence yet unable to embrace It?

We suffer and ponder until transcending our assumed impermanence, through conscious restoration as Spirit temporarily individualized.

Contemplative Writing


Spiritual statuary isn’t so much meant for our adoration of their beauty, as they are meant to inspire or remind us to find time to turn within in order to rest in timelessness. By consciously abiding in our inherently permanent tranquility, renewal and restoration in wholeness is experienced, and our awareness is clarified.

Inspirational Writing


A spiritually aware person easily recognizes that Spirit is the foundational Reality of all that appears. They unconditionally respect every space they enter and each person, creature or thing they encounter and interact with, regardless of particulars or commonly ascribed worth.

Inspirational Writing


It is difficult to know Wholeness and Oneness when steeped in otherness. When the play of opposites is our dominant orientation, Wholeness and Oneness remain conceptual ideals to be realized.

Transcendent of our identification with and investment in this dualistic, yin-yang life experience, Wholeness abides as our ever stable Self, our changeless ground of Being. And, when we experience Wholeness within ourselves we know Oneness with life’s diversified presentation.

Inspirational Writing


From fragrant colors to baren branches and deep snow / from silent snow to green shoots / from budding branches to summer’s expanse and back around.

We have been a child and an elder, perhaps repeatedly, yet in truth we were neither a child nor elder even as We experienced these phases.

We are the Seer, timeless, permanent.

Inspirational Writing

Patterns & Ruts

We tend to generate like patterns of thought and behavior repeatedly until intentionally choosing to change them in an attempt to initiate growth and expand our capacities.

Likewise, our chosen spiritual practices (meditation methods, rituals, observances), as useful as they can be, might occasionally be altered to avoid passivity or complacency, then perhaps returned to with refreshed perspective and resolve.