Inspirational Writing

Our Path

Spiritually awake individuals remind us that: Our essential Self remains conditionlessly whole-content, while our transitory personality self tends to seek fulfillment outwardly, until sooner or later reorienting primarily/dominantly as the essential Self.

When we live with intentionality and enjoyment of the Present, everything becomes useful spiritual practice, assisting our individualized evolutionary process; our unique spiritual recovery journey.

Inspirational Writing

One as Two (yin-yang)

Motion and sound are relative, and extend from stillness and silence which are Absolute.

The Source-Origin of this universe (which includes our specialized appearance and individualized contribution), is singular, whole and eternally unchanging, which is also our innermost Essence; our authentic Self.

The notion of ‘separation’ in any form is a misperception. With the dawning of clarified awareness or spiritual enlightenment, we recognize that the Absolute is appearing as all things, or as one contemporary spiritual teacher phrased it: “Everyone and everything is God in drag.”

Inspirational Writing

Meditation Practice

Teacher, Do I need to surround myself mentally with protective light before entering into meditation?

Friend, You can include this exercise if you want, but it may reinforce the false notion of being separate from the Infinite. It certainly isn’t necessary, because behind the temporary mind-body-personality fa├žade, your authentic Self is the light of pure consciousness. This was so prior to your current embodiment and will remain so following this earthly sojourn. So, since you always, already are the light of pure consciousness, why add stuff to Self? The Infinite is expressing as “you,” and is not in need of creating a mental light of protection.

Dive more deeply in meditation. Devote yourself to quality inward time so you can realize the timeless light that you have always been.