Meditation Practice

Essentially, meditation practice is acute observation; attentive witnessing. As we watch and listen with full absorption, we undergo a series of insights, fresh views, awakenings, which contribute to our understanding of life’s processes and the nature of existence.

Ultimately, That which observes is revealed as our changeless true Self, in contrast with our relative, conditioned time-bound orientation as a personality self.

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Innate Divinity

Father Tim was a much beloved yet somewhat unorthodox teacher. Once, following a meditation gathering, he spoke on the theme: “The Divinity Within.” He concluded the session by inviting parishioners to “receive the blessing of a glimpse of God.” He had them line up to file past an alter on which he’d placed a single item, a mirror.

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Egoic awareness – the insular (confined) sense of self – fosters our acceptance of limitation and lack regarding outlook and function. Overcoming this restrictive, delusional orientation is the primary objective of those on a spiritual awakening quest. In fact, this sense of restraint and accompanying dissatisfaction prompts the search for greater freedom, empowerment, and creative function.
Whichever approaches may be chosen to assist one’s pursuit of self-liberation (following recommended life-style regimes, employing strategies for improved function and navigational skills amidst life’s continually changing conditions, and engaging in contemplative practices), each individual’s experience as they move through this process will be unique; will differ markedly.
Regardless of one’s path or process, spiritual actualization eventually occurs through a necessary shift in perspective; a reorientation revealing one’s innate freedom and virtually limitless capacity as the spiritual Self (a return of awareness to one’s inherent wholeness).
Inspirational Writing


Though our appearance here is fleeting, our contributions matter. As agents of infinite Spirit, the love we express, the assistance we render, the recognition and encouragement offered to others, in some measure uplifts them and catalyzes their growth. Through our affirmative interaction we assist others in the realization of their creative potential, the successful outcome of their worthy aspirations, and the accomplishment of their unique life mission.

Inspirational Writing


Revered Teacher, How will I know when I have awakened spiritually?

Dear Friend, A unified, omnipresent Spirit-Essence undergirds the entirety of Creation. As souls, we are individualizations of It. When we know this directly as the core, foundational reality of our being, we are spiritually awake.