Contemplative Writing

One or Two?

Early morning - Varinasi Ganga River - 1997

The One at play
appears as two
though ultimately
there is no “me” and “you”
Behind the framework of duality, one Reality
Referring to material creation (duality), Ram Dass (Richard Alpert, Ph.D) remarked: “It’s all God in drag.”
The Zen Roshi, posing as an optometrist, questioned his disciple who was posing as a client, about his view, asking, “One .. or .. two?”
Contemplative Writing

Our Bodies

Unholy Trio 2

These miraculous molecular structures; earthen temples; perishable abodes of imperishable Spirit, are space-time events supportive of a collective dream; unconscious players in a cosmic drama.
“The physical body is like an unconscious martyr, bearing the results of the un-awakened soul’s thoughts and actions – a “beast of burden” for the individual endeavoring to derive fulfillment from the world of changing events.”  – Master Hu