Contemplative Writings and Articles

One Life

redwood family

If each of us knew that we all derive from a common Source, as extensions and specialized viewpoints of It, we would enjoy mutual global support, appreciation, and love that may be difficult to imagine in current circumstances.

As more of us awaken spiritually – and this is occurring increasingly – relationships and outer conditions in our global community will evolve. The former “other,” is recognized as an equal and beloved family member.


Contemplative Writings and Articles
gull watch
The Ocean remains, while temporary waves arise and transition through their cycles. 
As an individual body-mind-personality, we express for a time as a composite of conditionings – genetic, emotional, and mental – which is sustained by our conviction, “I independently exist.” We have assumed a temporary identity, yet remain unbound by space-time adventures as the imperishable Self.
Contemplative Writings and Articles


metalic birdman newport or - july 2015

When weary of immersion in the common theme                                                                     We can slip the stream of this linear dream                                                                               and thereby know our life Supreme

Divine Self-knowing is always, already aware, as the core essence of our being. Though each of us dreams our existence in linear progression, we remain ageless and vitally present as timeless Witness to this and perhaps former sojourns we have expressed through. Self-knowing can be enjoyed consciously, while contributing creatively in time.