Inspirational Writing


Earth juice pursuits abound, whether sensory, intellectual, seeking acclaim, acquiring wealth or accumulating things, yet regardless of how successful we may be, none of these produces lasting contentment.

Eventually, we are prompted in one way or another to begin looking inward for the contentment we sought in outward ways, and discover that at our core; our essential ground of being, we always, already abide in peace and supreme contentment.


Inspirational Writing


Serving others by sharing our talents, special abilities and resources can be beneficial and potentially uplifting for them, and is one of the most fulfilling (feel-good) actions we can render in this life, especially when we are aware that each of us derives from the same infinite Source and is aspiring to realize ultimate fulfillment .

Inspirational Writing


Our American culture conditions us to be uncomfortable in silent stillness. We become addicted to ways which keep us distracted from the abiding peace and contentment of our core being.

A remedy for breaking habitual cycles of restlessness is to choose to practice an effective meditation method, which can be as simple as observing the natural flow of breathing. When we focus inwardly using such a method, the impulse that drives the seeming need for ongoing ‘stimulation through diversity’ fades, as we rest in wholeness .