Inspirational Writing

God’s Drama

Behold God’s intricate drama enacted on the stage of space-time – a cosmic dance of opposites, of yin and yang at play: The One as the many turning in faithful progression, thirsting for the One .

Our sense of incompleteness prompts our spiritual search. We are like waves arising in an ocean, feeling less than whole in our individuality, yearning to connect with something greater, to feel complete, unaware that the ocean is expressing as us; is our fuller, permanent reality, and that only our unknowing (forgetfulness) creates an erroneous sense of isolation and therefore incompleteness .

Inspirational Writing


The adept ventured a question asking, “Master, what can you tell me about reincarnation?” In response the preceptor pointed to a tree, saying, “See that old banyan? Are this season’s leaves the same as those that perished last autumn or in years gone by?” The disciple pondered this for a moment then asserted, “No, master, these leaves are different yet they arise from the same source.” To which the master nodded approvingly, stating, “There is no need to speculate about rebirth when you know your Source.”

Inspirational Writing

Ancient One

We are the Ancient One, assuming countless roles and outlooks, individualized uniquely in appearance and expression – seeming captives of space-time, yet formless and timelessly present – cycling through as players in the mortal dream, while eternally awake in Essence .