Inspirational Writing

Our Path

Spiritually awake individuals remind us that: Our essential Self remains conditionlessly whole-content, while our transitory personality self tends to seek fulfillment outwardly, until sooner or later reorienting primarily/dominantly as the essential Self.

When we live with intentionality and enjoyment of the Present, everything becomes useful spiritual practice, assisting our individualized evolutionary process; our unique spiritual recovery journey.

Inspirational Writing

One as Two (yin-yang)

Motion and sound are relative, and extend from stillness and silence which are Absolute.

The Source-Origin of this universe (which includes our specialized appearance and individualized contribution), is singular, whole and eternally unchanging, which is also our innermost Essence; our authentic Self.

The notion of ‘separation’ in any form is a misperception. With the dawning of clarified awareness or spiritual enlightenment, we recognize that the Absolute is appearing as all things, or as one contemporary spiritual teacher phrased it: “Everyone and everything is God in drag.”

Inspirational Writing

Meditation Practice

Teacher, Do I need to surround myself mentally with protective light before entering into meditation?

Friend, You can include this exercise if you want, but it may reinforce the false notion of being separate from the Infinite. It certainly isn’t necessary, because behind the temporary mind-body-personality fa├žade, your authentic Self is the light of pure consciousness. This was so prior to your current embodiment and will remain so following this earthly sojourn. So, since you always, already are the light of pure consciousness, why add stuff to Self? The Infinite is expressing as “you,” and is not in need of creating a mental light of protection.

Dive more deeply in meditation. Devote yourself to quality inward time so you can realize the timeless light that you have always been.

Inspirational Writing


The spiritual path is not about beating the ego-sense into submission through self-denial, in order to become more spiritual. It is an intentional internal search for our changeless authentic Self, leading to the rediscovery of our essential beingness, our true status as Spirit. This awakening is a reorientation in which the transitory ego-sense is not rejected but appreciated as a convenience for relating in space-time, yet no longer viewed as a limitation.

Inspirational Writing


Zen teaching: “To the still mind, the universe surrenders.” “The quiet mind is heaven.”

The influence of egoic awareness predisposes us to color and interpret life by projecting our conditionings onto what we perceive. When we are quiet-minded perception is clarified, and our awareness reflects life as it is.

Inspirational Writing


Paradoxically, it was in solitude that Hu felt closest to, and most united with others and the world. When interacting, he felt most separate and alone. And, though his enlightened Self knew there is no separation; that we all extend from the same infinite Source as specialized expressions of It, Hu preferred the wholesome company of creatures and trees.

Inspirational Writing


Poet-Artist Paul Reps, after meditatively sitting with flowers, wrote: “They are all singing only we don’t hear them.” It seems he was reminding us that, behind mental clamor and churning emotions there is a listening Self ever poised in wholeness. Amidst all arisings and currents of change there is a stable observer Self established in presentness. Within all sensory delights and disappointments a knowing Self peacefully abides. With mental quiescence and physical stillness, this penetratingly perceptive Self naturally reveals what intellect and senses fail to behold.

Inspirational Writing

Self Discovery

Psychology sometimes recommends dream analysis/interpretation as a means of recognizing character flaws, unwanted personality traits, trauma, and limitation thinking that can potentially be resolved/corrected through various therapies, toward improved creative functioning, personal interaction, and enjoyment of life.

Though Yoga teaching acknowledges the usefulness and importance of honest self-examination, improving social skills, and applying needed behavior modifications, its foremost emphasis or essential goal in this life is to awaken spiritually from the mortal dream state (conditioned, relative awareness), to discover the eternal, authentic Self, which is above and superior to the temporary dreamer self.

Inspirational Writing

Spiritual Practice

Everything we do, each involvement which we engage, can be “spiritual practice,” when we remain attentive. In addition to meditation and other methods and exercises we may find useful and enriching, our abiding alertness and sensitive attunement with what life is presenting, while also noting our internal responses, provide self-understanding and inform us of our present capacity of functional consciousness, while suggesting how we might elevate our perspective and adjust to align more harmoniously and freely in life. Relaxed attentiveness is the key, and by remaining calmly attentive our appreciation of life can be enhanced.


Inspirational Writing

The Teacher

Arising early each morning at his hillside home, Master Wing reverently bowed three times, uttering: “I give thanks for the opportunity to serve. I give thanks for the opportunity to learn. I give thanks for the opportunity to grow.” He then entered qigong practice, meditated in silent stillness, and awaited the arrival of the first of several private students scheduled for the day.

Inspirational Writing

Essential Self

Whether involved in a geographical journey or a mental excursion, in Reality (the changeless essence and foundation of life) we are ever “here-now,” as the changeless Presence – our inherently enlightened Self – witnessing timelessly, formlessly.

The truth of our being (which is the ultimate contentment we yearn for), is as sages have declared: closer than our breath, just behind our processing mind.


Inspirational Writing


Discussions about the Absolute contrasted with the Relative, are ultimately inconsequential, because the Absolute is appearing as the Relative – is enacting the play of opposites (the changing, the temporary). Symbolically, if the ocean represented the Absolute, and its individualized waves were symbolic of the Relative, the overview perspective would confirm that the ocean and its waves are one.