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Steven - Three Rocks
Qigong (chee-gung), sometimes called “Chinese Yoga,” is practiced for health building and serenity. The movement-patterns are easy to learn and perform. If you are new to qigong, I recommend you begin with 18 Forms (guided practice) offered through: Steven’s YouTube Page
Qigong has been revered as a wellness system in China for centuries, and now with increasing appreciation worldwide. Moving qigong practice consists of repetitive exercises usually performed slowly, evenly and fluidly in a relaxed manner. Breath is intentionally pattered to synchronize with particular phases of each exercise.
The primary aim and design of moving qigong practice is to optimize the overall circulation of qi in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine declares that vital health and function is due to freely circulating qi. When qi-flows are inhibited, ill health results. For this reason, qigong is practiced each new day to keep the body free of qi-stagnation.
Qigong is also a “moving meditation” which requires alert focusing on breath, body alignment and spacial awareness. Doing this helps optimize one’s presentness or zenness; riding in calm, alert stillness within changing forms.
After initial exposure to and experimentation with to a variety of qigong practices, it is best to select one set of movements to enjoy daily to gain depth of proficiency. With conscientious practice your performance will undergo continual refinement, which will bring improved functionality to your practice. Regular practice is an easy and enjoyable means of self-nourishment.